Quran Classes for Kids and Adults

As you all are aware that ICMC is working to hire a full time Imam, we’ve scheduled a few potential candidates to visit us to deliver Friday Khutba and Evening Lecture AlhamduLillah.  We will be sending out surveys to solicit your valuable feedback to help us finalize.  Please watch out your emails and spare some time to respond to the surveys.

In the meantime, AlhamduLillah, Hafiz Abdul Elah Al-Khateeb has volunteered to be our Resource Imam untill we finalize our full-time imam.  Effective immediately, Hafiz Abdul Elah will be leading the daily prayers, Fajr, Maghrib & Isha (Zohr and Asr if he is available), Friday Khutbas and will also be conducting.

Quran classes for Kids and Adults @ ICMC

The schedule is as follows:

Quran Classes for kids (age 5 years and above) – Tuesday & Thursday    – 4:30 pm to 6:30pm
Quran Class for Adults (open to all)                     –  Every Thursday            – After Isha
The classes will begin on Tuesday, September 25th @ 4:30pm
InshaAllah, there will be two levels for Kids Quran classes
Elementary School Age Group         :         4:30 to 5:30pm
Junior High and Above                      :         5:30 to 6:30pm

There will be an assessment for all the kids to review their recitation so that they can be placed accordingly in their respective levels.  We recommend parents to REGISTER ONLINE HERE and bring the kids for

Assessment on Tuesday, September 25th 4:30pm.Hadeeyah for Quran Classes will be $40 per month
JazakomAllahu Khairan
ICMC Management

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