ICMC Update on COVID-19

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuh,

It is with heavy heart that I inform you of ICMC Management decision to close ICMC for the five daily prayers, Jummah and all other onsite activities, effective immediately.

This was not an easy decision. We want to maintain the establishment of salah and Jummah at ICMC.

ICMC Management considers health and safety of the community members and their families to be extremely important.

Medical experts in the community urged us to take this decision for your own safety and the overall safety of community.

Federal and State guidelines also highly recommend social distancing measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19. The situation is changing every day and we should take any measures that would help prevent or worsen an outbreak of COVID-19 in McLean County.

We ask Allah SWT to grant us patience and protect us all.

We ask Him to grant shifa to those who are suffering from all illnesses.

We will monitor the situation and reassess our decision, as circumstances change.

Perform istaghfaar, give sadaqah (charity) and establish salah at home.

Obligation for Jummah

Jummah should be established by gatherings of three or more (besides Imam), if possible, limiting to 10, in the community.

Imam Sa’ad can provide resources to help with delivering Jummah khutbah.

If you have a gathering of three or more and want to establish Jummah but cannot do so yourself, contact us or Imam Sa’ad and we will attempt to arrange for a khateeb for you. Jummah must be established during the zohar timeframe.

If Jummah cannot be established, pray 4 rakat of zohar salah.

Access to ICMC

Imam Sa’ad is allowed access to ICMC. It is natural for any Muslim whose heart is attached to the masjid to feel distress on this news. If an individual wants to meet with Imam Sa’ad within the guidelines of CDC and ICMC, you may contact him between Zohar and Isha.

All others should refrain from any activity, including congregational salah, at ICMC for your safety.

Doors will remain locked and those that have a key should not use it without asking permission.

Jazaakum Allahu Khairan
ICMC Management!

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